Tobit chapter 6

On the Way to Rages. Both journeyed along, and when the first night came, they camped beside the Tigris River. He shouted in alarm. Its gall, heart, and liver are useful for medicine. Then he roasted and ate part of the fish; the rest he salted and kept for the journey. Afterward the two of them traveled on together till they drew near to Media. He has a beautiful daughter named Sarah, 12 but no other son or daughter apart from Sarah. The girl is wise, courageous, and very beautiful; and her father is a good man who loves her dearly. So listen to me, brother. Tonight I will speak to her father about the girl so that we may take her as your bride.
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The two walked on, and when the first evening came they camped beside the Tigris. The boy gave a shout. He fried part of the fish for his meal and kept some for salting. Then they walked on again together until they were nearly in Media. The angel went on, 'Tonight we are to stay with Raguel, who is a kinsman of yours. He has a daughter called Sarah,. Now you are her next of kin; she belongs to you before anyone else and you may claim her father's inheritance. She is a thoughtful, courageous and very lovely girl, and her father loves her dearly. Listen, brother; this very evening I shall speak about the girl to her father and arrange for her to be betrothed to you, and when we come back from Rhages we can celebrate the marriage. I assure you, Raguel has no right whatever to refuse you or to betroth her to anyone else.

At the river Tigris, Tobias catches a huge fish. Raphael says its entrails can be used for an exorcism. And its guts can heal a certain type of blindness. Now as they went on their journey, they came at evening to the river Tigris, and they lodged there. But the young man went down to wash himself, and a fish leaped out of the river, and would have swallowed up the young man. And the young man did as the angel commanded him; but they roasted the fish, and ate it. And they both went on their way, till they drew near to Ecbatana.

If a demon or an evil spirit troubles anyone. This might be the first biblical record of how to how to do an exorcism. It tells how to get rid of a demon. Somehow, actions in this realm of time and space can affect demonic entities in the Invisible Realm. But as for the gall, it is good to anoint a man that has white films in his eyes, and he will be healed.

He is your kinsman. He has an only daughter named Sarah. I will speak about her, that she should be given to you for a wife. The maid is fair and wise. And now hear me, and I will speak to her father. When we return from Rages we will celebrate the marriage; for I know that Raguel may in no way marry her to another according to the law of Moses, or else he would be liable to death, because it belongs to you to take the inheritance, rather than any other.

Now I am the only son of my father, and I am afraid, lest I go in and die, even as those before me. For a demon loves her, which harms no man, but those which come to her. They have no other son to bury them. Now hear me, brother; for she will be your wife. And when you come into the bride-chamber, you shall take the ashes of incense, and shall lay upon them some of the heart and liver of the fish, and shall make smoke with them. The demon will smell it, and flee away, and never come again any more.

But when you go near to her, both of you rise up, and cry to God who is merciful. He will save you, and have mercy on you. And I suppose that you will have children with her. When they are about to have sexual intercourse for the first time, they are to first spend time in prayer that it go well for them.

This may be the first instance where the Bible reveals that God is outside of our limited realm of time and space. God sees all of the time-space continuum at once. These translations have no copyright restrictions. They are in the Public Domain. At Explore the Faith, I share insights into the Bible and theological writings. If you like what I write, become my partner by donating. Help me reach the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. View all posts by todd. Skip to content At the river Tigris, Tobias catches a huge fish. For her inheritance belongs to you, and you only are of her kindred.

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